WISEBORRO Business Loans & Consulting. | Wise Borro Inc. | Business Loans for the Smart Entrepreneur.
Wise Borro Inc. | Business Loans for the Smart Entrepreneur.
Wise Borro Inc. | Business Loans for the Smart Entrepreneur.
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Get your business loan or line of credit for up to $1,000,000.

The wiser way to deal with lenders.

Up-front & transparent business loans.

Small business loans don’t have to be complicated. At Wise Borro, we believe getting a business loan should be transparent and worry free. Our Wise Agents strive to understand your needs before pairing you with one of our partner lenders to meet your financial goals. Wise Borro clients save $16,500 on average.


See our process.

A worry-free way to get a loan.

Wise Borro guarantees that you receive best rate.


Gain access to pre-negotiated rates from Wise Borro partner lenders & private investors. On occassion Wise Borro will  choose to co-fund your business alongside with one of our partners. This gives us a greater sense of responsibility to see your business reach success.

Clear transparent rates with no surprises.

Best Short Rate

Line of Credit
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Risk Short Rate
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Best Long-Term

A Wise Agent will take the time to understand your needs before pairing you with a lender that complements your financial goals. If we think your local bank is the right place for you, that’s where we will send you. Wise Borro wants you to get the best deal even if that means going else-where to get it.

An easier way to a great deal.

Wise Borro clients save on average $16,500.

Wise Borro guides small business owners and communicates with lenders on your behalf. The right lender makes the whole difference. We’ll take the time to understand your needs before finding the right lender who views your financial data and industry with less risk.


See our process.

Smart business owners come here first.

A Wise Borro client saves $16,500 on average.


Build Your Credit

Wise lenders report your good payment history. So we can secure you better rates over time! Wise Clients save on avg. of $16,500 on business loans.

Early Payback Options

You shouldn't be penalized for paying your loan back early. Wise Lenders offer you a discount when you pay down your business loan down early.

Save Your Money

Wise Borro customers save on avg. $16,500 on their business loan. Gain access to pre-negotiated rates from direct-lenders & private investors.

Respect for Privacy

Your personal and business data remains private with Wise Borro. We will not share your information with a 3rd party with your explicit permission.

Banks said no, Wise Borro said OK.

Featured Wise Business Owners

Starting with a $70,000 loan, Chuck’s auto repair grow to 11 locations by capitalizing on his stable cash flow

Sugar Jam ran into a broken piece of equipment that led to their customers walking across the st. to their competitor. We had them back up and running in 48 hours.

Jerry’s was the first local organic burger shop in his major market. Space capacity became a loss factor so they quickly moved into a larger location while leveraging their existing cash flow.

Shelly’s always had the best seafood in town. When they decided to expand into the frozen retail market they under estimated the cost and the total investment they had to make to reach success. Wise Borro covered the cash flow gap to stay in the race.

Mr. Jicor came to America at the age of 23. By 30 he had 4 franchises mainly in food sectors. The big project was the food court master lease in a local airport. Tapping into multiple business cash flows got him a line of credit that supplemented his cash flow needs.


No body made pancakes like Betsy’s. But when her husband got sick she had to step away from the business. A steady decline in revenue kicked Betsy back into action. She quickly realized it was the competition who had breached her market. She talked to Wise Borro and now she’s back on track.


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Serving over 750+ business industries.

Wise Borro’s partners with lenders who understand the particulars of your business needs.


  • Restaurants

    Financing an Expansion

  • Automotive Shops

    Advertising Campaign

  • Retail Shops

    Purchase Inventory

  • Dentists

    Upgrade Equipment

  • Construction

    Hire Additional Employees

Save $16,500 on your business loan.

Wise Borro’s consultative approach saves you money to your business loan.

  • Learn Your Needs

    Financial discovery time.

  • Pitch to Lenders

    You're looking good.

  • Negotiate for You

    Get the best deal.

  • Get Funded

    Processing & review.

  • You Love Us.

    We stay in touch.

You’re in Good Company

Wise Borro partners with like-minded lenders who put business owners first.

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